Group Swim Training Squads

2 Cairns Pool Locations

Gordonvale Aquatic Centre, 79 Sheppards Street Gordonvale: Every Wednesday during school term time, 5:45pm – 7:00pm, in the 25m indoor pool.  

Tobruk Memorial Pool, 370 Sheridan Street Cairns: Every Wednesday morning, 6:00am to 7:00am, in the 50m outdoor pool.

Who and why should you join our group training sessions?

Our adult squad sessions suits those who:

  • can independently swim a few hundred metres
  • want to get fit and tone up
  • are returning to pool and need some motivation to get training again
  • are training for a specific swimming event
  • are wanting to learn and/or improve open water skills
  • meet and train with like minded people

We hear a lot “I’m not fit enough to come to squad” but that’s exactly what our swim squads are for! Our squads are also supportive and friendly, and you’ll probably love them.

Join our group training swim squads!

What are the benefits of Group Training Swim Squads?

Training with a group of like minded people is so much more fun than training by yourself!  You’ll be motivated to keep coming and challenge yourself by your Coaches as well as fellow squad members.  Swimming socially is rewarding not only for your physical health but mental well-being also.

At our sessions you’ll receive stroke correction to help you swim more efficiently.  Our programs are designed to challenge you to work in the various energy systems needed to see improvements in your fitness and swimming.

What equipment do I need?

Swimwear, swim cap, goggles, kick board, fins & pool buoy/paddles, towel, water bottle.


What is the cost and how to I book?

Casual session: $14.00


10 session pass: $120.00 

Pool entry is in addition to the session cost and vary dependent upon pool. Multi-visit pool entry passes are available. No bookings required – just turn up ready!

Cash or card payment is available with Theresa or Gaby on pool deck.