Open Water Training

Get away from the black line and the chlorine.

Open water swimming is an increasingly popular sport and a complete all-round fitness activity that challenges the mind and body.  If you are a pool swimmer wanting to try open water or an experienced open water swimming looking for event specific training, then our open water training is for you.  

We have extensive experience as open water competitors, coaches and event organisers.  We help swimmers of all abilities become confident and successful open water swimmers.

Our Open Water Training is Unique and Comprehensive

Open Water Training Program

We use a combination of pool and open water sessions to provide a complete open water program. 

At the pool sessions you will learn the essential open water skills such as sighting, drafting, pack swimming, adapting your stroke, starts and finishes and turning buoys.  You then put these skills into practice at our open water sessions which are specifically for Swim Cairns clients.  At these sessions you will also learn about the dry land skills needed for open water such as correct wetsuit fitting, managing anxiety and swim planning.  Our locations vary depending on the season, upcoming events and swimmer safety.   

The combination of pool and open water sessions teach you to become a smarter open water swimmer.  We have a structured approach to teaching that will help build your confidence too.  We progressively build on techniques as your confidence develops. 

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Long Distance Training Programs

Are you training for a specific event or personal goal? 

Swim Cairns can develop a personalised program specific to your desired results.

We offer a free, no obligations chat to start the discussion as all good relationships are built on trust, understanding and respect.  Our training programs will be designed keeping your personal commitments in mind.

Our programs are developed over a three (3) week cycle:

Week 1: Build

Week 2: Long

Week 3: Recovery

 Delivery of training programs in person or online.

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Wetsuit Advice

Thinking of buying a wetsuit and not sure what to look for?

We’ve been wearing wetsuits for many years and have gained a wealth of knowledge about  what to consider when buying one.   We can save you time and money and help you make the right choice when buying your next wetsuit or open water suit!

Contact Gaby or Theresa via Facebook, email or phone to discuss.

Swim Cairns Mudcrabs 2020 Rottnest Channel Team

Congratulations to our ‘fabulous four’ who successfully crossed the channel in 7 hours and 18 minutes.  It was their first time tackling this event and they did a superb effort in testing conditions.  The team also raised over $1 000 for the Garvan Institute of Research for Pancreatic Cancer research along the way.  Great work ladies!!  The Swim Cairns family is very proud of you!!