Cairns Private Swim Coaching Sessions

“We are passionate, qualified swim coaches who love to see people thrive in the pool.  Whether learning to swim or improving your efficiency for your next event is your goal, we have a program to suit you.”

What to Expect at a Coaching Session

  • A pre-session discussion about swimming and you
  • 45 minute pool session with coach Gaby or Theresa, tailored to suit you
  • One individualized program for you to work on after the session
  • Access to your coach via email/phone/messenger after the session

Why should you do a private session?

As a beginner, starting your swimming adventure can be exciting and also scary!  The thought of learning by yourself or joining a ‘squad’ can cause great levels of anxiety….and no-one wants that. Our private sessions will ease you into the pool, starting with our coaches taking the time to get to know you and your swimming experiences before we even get in the water.  For the experienced swimmer, our private sessions are a great opportunity for our coaches to analyse your technique and fitness, one-on-one.  Sessions and programs are tailored to help you achieve your goals in your next swimming event.

What are the benefits of a private session?

For Beginners

You can start your swimming adventure with confidence knowing you are in safe hands with qualified, experienced and friendly coaches and a proven method of getting people swimming sooner. 

For Experienced Swimmers

Our private sessions and programs will help you to improve your swim efficiency and target energy systems specific to your next event, enabling you to maximise your training and improve your swim fitness and times.

Do you want to learn to swim as an adult?


This article by ABC Life documents one lady’s learn to swim story and the positive effects if has bought to her life. 

Single Private Session

Each session is $65 plus pool entry.  Pool entry varies dependent upon pool. We encourage our swimmers to purchase a multi-visit pool pass for discounted entry. We operate at multiple pools in the Cairns area.

Multiple Private Sessions

Consider our Get Started Package

The Get Started Package is a bundle of 4 private sessions at a discounted rate. In the Package you get:

  • 4 private sessions with coach Gaby or Theresa 
  • 4 personalised programs for you to work on in between sessions.  
  • Access to your coach via email/phone/messenger in between sessions

Who and why should you choose the Get Started Package?

Making a commitment is often the hardest part to starting a new health initiative.  By purchasing the package, you know you have committed to 4 sessions. If you’re not quite ready to join our group training sessions, the package is a perfect stepping stone towards either our Gordonvale Aquatic Centre and Sportsworld Fitness Centre sessions.  

What are the benefits of the Get Started Package?

Four sessions will give you and your coach time to work towards achieving realistic goals.  From the 4 sessions, you will have gained a bundle of skills, drills and sets to take with you and keep training with. 

What is the cost of the Package?

Cost: $240 + pool entry 

How to book?

Contact Gaby or Theresa via Facebook, email or phone to discuss.