Stroke Analysis - Video Session

What does the session involve?

  • a pool session where your stroke will be filmed both above and underwater
  • a post pool session de-brief with your coach
  • a detailed written stroke analysis and recommendations
  • a copy of your video  

Who and why should you do a stroke analysis session?

Are you frustrated that your swimming is not improving?  Ever wondered what you are actually doing under the water?  Whilst coaches can provide feedback on what they see above the water, the most important part of your stroke is what’s happening underwater.

Videoing your stroke underwater, allows you and our coaches to really see what you are doing and most importantly, determine what you need to work on to correct it.

What are the benefits of a stroke analysis session?

You will get personalised attention and feedback specific to you and your stroke. 

The detailed written analysis and recommendations can be incorporated into your training programs for you to continue to work on, helping you to implement the necessary changes to maximise your training and improve your swim efficiency.

Stroke Analysis FAQ

How long does a stroke analysis session take?

1 hour from the time you arrive at the pool. The in-water session only take 20-30 minutes but we also review your footage with you poolside. We follow up with your written stroke analysis and copy of your video within 1 week of your session.

We are always available to answer further questions you may have.

How much is a stroke analysis session and how do I book?

To book, contact Gaby or Theresa via Facebook, email or phone.

Cost: $100 plus pool entry.

Do you have a video you’d like to analyse?

Supply us with your video and we will provide you with a detailed written stroke analysis and recommendations.

Cost: $65